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The Year 6 teacher is Miss Rai. She is available to speak to at the end of the day or through the school office.


PE will be with Miss Dunn on a Tuesday.  Children are to come to school dressed in their PE kit on this day.  



Our first topic this term will be 'Off with their Heads' in which the children will learn the history of the Tudors. 


Head Boy and Girl Team!

We would like to introduce the children chosen this year as Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl.  





Welcome to Year 6

A new school year and a brand new start,

A year in which we all play our part,

So 'buckle up' and off we go,

There are so many things we want to know.


Now that we are in Year 6,

New things will be added to the learning mix.

Different calculations, forms of writing,


Each term will be so exciting.

We think that as a classroom 'clan'

Our motto should be "Yes we can!"

So let's begin, commence, get cracking,

Just remember there's no chance for slacking.





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