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Welcome to Year 5's Class Page!

The Year 5 teacher is Mr Williams.   Mr Williams will be availabe at the end of the school day or can contacted through Dojo.

We aim to provide your child with the highest quality education and care. This will make their time at school happy and enjoyable.

Each day will consist of guided reading, spellings, maths and writing (including SPAG). Lessons will be engaging with different approaches to suit the learning needs of all children. We value your input as your child’s primary carer, and as an expert on your child. In addition, children will be read with individually at least once per week. Lessons that are part of the wider curriculum are usually taught during the afternoon including: History, Geography, Science, P.E, Art, Music, PSHE, R.E and D&T. We rely on your partnership, so together we can provide your child with the highest quality education and care. 

Our Topics this year include:
· The Tudors (Autumn Term)
· Rainforests (Spring Term)
· Anglo-Saxons (Summer Term)

Our class text this term will be Fire, Bed and Bone by Henrietta Branford.

PE will be delivered on a Monday - children are required to attend school wearing their PE kits.

Online Learning
We aim to offer a range on online learning platforms; children will have
access to BugClub, TimesTable Rockstars, Doodle and MyMaths.

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Year 5 Information


If you would like more information about joining the Trust, or would like an informal chat about our work, please don’t hesitate to call Professor Michelle Shaw on: 01902 518592. JOIN THE TRUST