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Welcome to Featherstone Academy

Featherstone Academy is a nurturing and caring school, based in Featherstone, where everyone is made to feel welcome. We pride ourselves on our inclusive learning environment where we encourage children to dream and plan for their future. Our ethos is based upon the recognition that every child is unique, therefore we invest in them individually by ensuring that they are well known, well-loved and well taught. Building strong, effective relationships form the foundations of our school, our curriculum and our role within the community.

We are committed to caring and seek to develop creativity, achievement, resourcefulness, inclusivity, nurturing and growth.


A structured programme of Music teaching is delivered throughout the school, linked through the creative curriculum where relevant, in order to develop children’s appreciation of music and their own musical skills. Violin, keyboard and recorder tuition, through the ‘Wider Opportunities’ scheme is provided by a peripatetic teacher Mrs Kathryn Wright and is available for pupils in Y3/4/5 & 6.

Featherstone Academy have a choir made up of children across Key Stage 2.  They meet weekly with Mrs Wright and take part in a number of special events throughout the school year.

Enrichment Opportunities

At Featherstone Academy we offer our children a lot more than just our Creative Curriculum.  Our Enrichment programme throughout the year help the children develop their interests and abilities, providing valuable learning experiences outside the classroom.  This in turn promotes their independence and social skills.

At Featherstone Academy we provide children with a range of extra-curricular activities.  There is something for everyone from Multi-Skills to Arts and Crafts, Dance and Gymnastics.  We also provide plenty of Educational Visits to enhance experiences and learning; working closely with The University of Wolverhampton who provide a range of Gifted & Talented opportunities.

Pupil Voice

Children at Featherstone Academy are given the opportunity to share their ideas, thoughts and views about the school, ensuring their opinions are heard and valued. This builds on our nurturing ethos, giving every child the opportunity to shine and have a sense of belonging and personal achievement.

Our School Council is elected by their class to represent them, to then work as a team to focus on raising money for school projects, or charities, and to share ideas on how to enhance the school environment. Furthermore, we also have an elected Head Boy and Girl and Deputy Head Boy and Girl for our school, who are ambassadors and excellent role models for their peers.

The Health & Safety Team are instrumental in ensuring our premises and environment are kept in good order and everyone is kept safe.

Another significant group who help our school are the Well-Being Ambassadors, Reading Ambassadors and school prefects.  They have a responsibility to work with staff and children across the school supporting, helping and leading others.

Early Years

It is widely recognised that a child’s experiences between birth and the age of five have a major impact on their life which is why we ensure each child is offered a secure and happy environment where they feel special and safe throughout Little learners, Nursery and Reception. All our children are encouraged to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow within Featherstone Academy, ensuring they develop the confidence and self-belief to become strong and unique individuals.

Early Year’s Curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where the ‘Seven Areas of Learning’ are an integral part of each day. We follow the children’s interests and set topics to stimulate excitement and enthusiasm. All children are valued as individuals and work at their own pace, with the support of knowledgeable staff who are able to differentiate activities specifically tailored to the needs of each child. 

Playing, exploring, active learning, creating and thinking critically are all essential building blocks crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. This is also vital for building their capacity to learn to form relationships and thrive. Children learn and develop through opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments which is crucial to their Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


At Featherstone Academy, we aim to make Information Technology an integral part of the curriculum so that our pupils obtain a set of skills that can be built on in other subjects, at secondary school and in later life. 

This is achieved by presenting children with opportunity to:

  • meet the requirements of the National Curriculum to enable all children to reach the highest possible standards of achievement.
  • enable all children to use IT with purpose and enjoyment to become confident, independent users through individual and team learning.
  • further extend their experience of using IT by delivery across the curriculum.
  • respond to new developments in IT, facilitating effective use.
  • understand the capabilities, limitations, implications and consequences of the use of IT.
  • provide tasks which are interesting and give scope for further development in IT capability.
  • understand how to be safe using e-technologies.

Computing is taught through the following strands:

  • Communicating – through the use of: various word processing/multimedia programmes, e-mail, the internet and creative software that covers all areas of the curriculum.
  • Handling Information- using IT to sort and classify, extract and interpret information
  • Modelling - using IT to work collaboratively in “real and imaginary” situations using interactive learning games and content based simulations related to topics.
  • Controlling - using IT skills to control on screen and external objects.
  • Computer Programming – create/design/write and debug simple programs.

Featherstone Academy
The Avenue
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