08 February 2019

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This week, children had a fantastic day with the Poet Andy Tooze.  

During our school assembly, Andy read extracts from his collection which included topics on a school life, features of the human body and a selection of 20-word poem. 

Andy taught the children how to write enjoyable and effective poems. He spent time in each class from nursery children right through to 11-year olds in Year 6.

The children were challenged to use their own ideas to create their own poem about a part of their body in just 10 minutes.

Andy was impressed by the quality of the children’s work declaring that some of the poems were of a standard he personally would have been proud of.

Mrs Perry wrote a poem for Andy:

Andy Tooze a humourous poet, 

Came to visit school today,

his mission was to make us smile

in his own poetic way.

We smiled, we laughed, we shared our thoughts,

as he visited each room,

reading from his funny books 

in a rhyming rhythmic tune.

He inspired us to write

our own funny quips and lines,

THANK YOU ANDY for today

we had a fabulous rhyming time.

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